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For Fast Foods, Restaurants, Shop Window Owners, Banks, Corporations, Commuting Companies, Professionnals' Waiting Room, Hotels, Media Operators, Events and Entertainment, Advertising Agencies.... and more!
Our affordable Commercial Digital Signage and Display Systems and Platforms are easily and seamlessly applicable to businesses that need to communicate to their direct audience....

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Aetherion Intl Ltd

About Aetherion

Aetherion is a Mauritian company that specializes in designing, building, managing and deploying DOOH solutions, Digital Signage networks and content. DOOH refers to digital media used for marketing purposes outside of the home, usually on dedicated advertising based networks. We primarily offer businesses with captive audiences, the power to generate new revenue channels, via services linked to streamed media.

In 2017, AETHERION will be bringing the future of Shop Window Advertising to Mauritius. Contact us if you want to be among the first ones.

Why opt for Digital Signage

What Digital Signage can do for you?

Digital Signage Systems will:

  1. Generate higher sales through targeted advertising and communication.
  2. Influence customer decisions by recommending specific products
  3. Catch the attention of passersby and entice them to enter the store
  4. Positively promote your brand image
  5. Make you earn more, through an additional revenue channel

Research on the impact of Digital Signage have shown the following:

70 %
of the Public is reached by Digital Displays
63 %
customers report being attracted by Digital Displays
31.8 %
is the amount by which sales are boosted by Digital Displays
Rs. 480
PER DAY is the potential revenue that a shop window owner can earn